Algorithms for geometric operations
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Code for geometric algorithms

This is no formal installation for this package (or any packages in gisalgs). However, installing the code is not complicated. It is important to organize everything in a directory and each package such as geom is a subdirectory. Now suppose we use the directory at the root called /lib to store everything and we create a subfolder called gisalgs there. Under the /lib/gisalgs directory, create a subdirectory called geom and save all the files in this repository in geom. It will be essential to have the in geom (this is just an empty file with the specific file name). Lastly, make sure to copy to the parent directory (in this case, /lib/gisalgs).

The following is an example of using modules in this repository:

import sys

from geom.point import *

p, p1, p2 = Point(10,0), Point(0,100), Point(0,1)