'git mv' command integration into browser #239

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Please could the 'git mv' command be integrated into the browser (or other useful place) in git-cola?



Is git-cola an editor? I think moving a file is a feature of an editor and if we say git-cola is not an editor; it shouldn't be a part of this software.


git-cola is not an editor, neither is git - this is just a point about something git does that git-cola does not (I was testing out not using git and just using git-cola for a period).

If you want to argue about it then you can say that git can already detect renames, so integrated move is not necessary - but that leaves the question of why they implemented mv in git in the first place.


As long as Dolphin file manager don't support git mv I'd really like this feature to be in git-cola's browser, IMO

@davvid davvid added the wishlist label Jun 5, 2014
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Yeah, it wouldn't hurt to have it integrated. Right now we show moves as a removal and an addition. That'd be acceptable for a first try at integrating "git mv", though, since it at least makes the feature available.

Maybe right-click on a path in the Browser and have an action called "Move..." which pops up a "save file"-like dialog where you can choose the new path. If they right-click a folder then it should be a "Choose folder" dialog that's restricted to new directories only.

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