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Not an issue, more of a feature request.

I would like to distribute git-cola at my workplace but unfortunately it requires installing quite a few dependencies. Could all of these be packaged into one exe?

davvid commented May 1, 2014

sorry that I don't have a solution right now, but it looks like is probably the answer.

I don't have a windows machine to test with, so I don't have an environment for authoring choclatey packages, but I'll leave this issue open in case someone wants to give it a go.

They've already packaged Git and Python, so it looks like it'd be be a simple matter of authoring PyQt4 and git-cola packages.

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For another approach, my project Pynsist can easily make an installer that includes Python and PyQt. It's also possible to build Windows installers from Linux, which I don't think is possible using Inno Setup.

Bundling git into the installer would be a bit more work, but it should be possible. And even if git was still separate, that's two installers for the user to run instead of four.

davvid commented Mar 15, 2015

That sounds like a great idea. I have no attachment whatsoever to current windows deployment setup. It was basically cobbled together from other projects, and since I'm not a windows user, I'm not really dogfooding that part. I just happen to have a crazy old win2k vm that works so I use it to create installers.

Yeah, the current windows deployment setup needs some work ;-) that's not really my area of expertise so I'm always happy to merge patches from people that know more about this stuff than me.

I also hate how I have to touch the nsis scripts to add a subdir every time a new python subdir is added to the code; if pynsist can eliminate that manual step then I'm sold!


Yep, pynsist should make that easy. :-) When I'm back in my office tomorrow, where I have a Windows 7 VM to test things on, I'll have a go at making an installer for git-cola.

In the meantime, here's the config file I use for Pynsist with another PyQt4 GUI application I've worked on. There's an extra step to download and unpack a Windows build of PyQt4 (described here) - that could be automated if I can work around Sourceforge's download system.


See #421 for a rough idea of what is involved in using Pynsist.

c-geek commented May 9, 2016 edited

Here is a free project of us which is python and bundles automatically for Windows using AppVeyor:

We even just added InnoSetup installer, so everything is working out-of-the-box without any third party installation.

Maybe this can help you.

P.S.: I am really fond of git-cola, hope we can use it easily on Windows in a near future!

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