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#ifndef CACHE_TREE_H
#define CACHE_TREE_H
struct cache_tree;
struct cache_tree_sub {
struct cache_tree *cache_tree;
int namelen;
int used;
char name[FLEX_ARRAY];
struct cache_tree {
int entry_count; /* negative means "invalid" */
unsigned char sha1[20];
int subtree_nr;
int subtree_alloc;
struct cache_tree_sub **down;
struct cache_tree *cache_tree(void);
void cache_tree_free(struct cache_tree **);
void cache_tree_invalidate_path(struct cache_tree *, const char *);
struct cache_tree_sub *cache_tree_sub(struct cache_tree *, const char *);
void cache_tree_write(struct strbuf *, struct cache_tree *root);
struct cache_tree *cache_tree_read(const char *buffer, unsigned long size);
int cache_tree_fully_valid(struct cache_tree *);
int cache_tree_update(struct cache_tree *, struct cache_entry **, int, int, int);
int write_cache_as_tree(unsigned char *sha1, int missing_ok, const char *prefix);
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