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Merge branch 'lf/bundle-verify-list-prereqs'

* lf/bundle-verify-list-prereqs:
  bundle: Add colons to list headings in "verify"
  bundle: Fix "verify" output if history is complete
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2 parents c278e6f + a02ffe0 commit a6da9cba6143ae65b4babe44892fd3fe0f9159fa @gitster gitster committed
Showing with 5 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +5 −5 bundle.c
10 bundle.c
@@ -183,17 +183,17 @@ int verify_bundle(struct bundle_header *header, int verbose)
struct ref_list *r;
r = &header->references;
- printf_ln(Q_("The bundle contains %d ref",
- "The bundle contains %d refs",
+ printf_ln(Q_("The bundle contains this ref:",
+ "The bundle contains these %d refs:",
list_refs(r, 0, NULL);
+ r = &header->prerequisites;
if (!r->nr) {
printf_ln(_("The bundle records a complete history."));
} else {
- r = &header->prerequisites;
- printf_ln(Q_("The bundle requires this ref",
- "The bundle requires these %d refs",
+ printf_ln(Q_("The bundle requires this ref:",
+ "The bundle requires these %d refs:",
list_refs(r, 0, NULL);

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