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Cloud CMS Python Driver

Basic driver for the Cloud CMS API

Runs with Python 3

Currently supports the following functionality:

  • Connect to and refresh access tokens with the API
  • Read platform, branch, and repositories
  • Read, query, search, create, update, and delete nodes


pip install cloudcms


Below are some examples of how you might use this driver:

from cloudcms import CloudCMS

# Connect to Cloud CMS
client = CloudCMS()
platform = client.connect(filename='gitana.json')

# List repositories
repositories = platform.list_repositories()

# Read repository
repository = platform.read_repository('<repository_id>')

# List branches
branches = repository.list_branches()

# Read branch
branch = repository.read_branch('<branch_id>')

# Read Node
node = branch.read_node('<node_id>')

# Create node
obj = {
    'title': 'Twelfth Night',
    'description': 'An old play'
newNode = branch.create_node(obj)

# Query nodes
query = {
    '_type': 'store:book'
pagination = {
    'limit': 2
queried_nodes = branch.query_nodes(query, pagination)

# Search/Find nodes
find = {
    'search': 'Shakespeare',
    'query': {
        '_type': 'store:book'
searched_nodes = branch.find_nodes(find)


To perform the unit tests for this driver, ensure that you have a gitana.json file in the driver directory, then run:

python -m unittest tests



For information or questions about the Python Driver, please contact Cloud CMS at