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@giterlizzi giterlizzi released this
· 35 commits to master since this release

What's new in v2020-08-28 release

This release increase the compatibility with Hogfather and fix regressions, old bugs and a security vulnerability with Iconify (thanks to @issmirnov). Optimized all JS "hack" scripts, dropped support for very old DokuWiki releases and added support for upcoming Icons plugin release with Iconify.



  • Added support for upcoming release of Icons plugin with Iconify
  • Added confirm dialog for revert action


  • Updated all translations from Transifex
  • Refactoring all JS scripts
  • Changed column size of matching pagenames in search results
  • #499: Changed CSS load order for Bootstrap and DokuWiki styles when using themeByNamespace option (@Digitalin)


  • Fixed very old bug for media manager
  • Fixed regression for Cookie Law for Hogfather release
  • #480: Fixed Google Search Errors: BreadcrumbList + ListItem (@willmcknight)
  • #500: Fixed regression in the preview image size in detail page (@IanGoo)
  • #501: Search matching pagenames overlapping (#rogerjames1994)
  • #503: Fixed edit toolbar icons regression for Hogfather release (@FloMiLe)
  • #506: Fixed XSS vulnerability in Iconify API (thanks to @issmirnov for reporting this security issue)