Allow heading names in READMEs to be specified to produce elegant URL fragments #159

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It'd be great if there were a way to specify a heading's name, and for this value to be used in the href of the corresponding anchor. Take the following Markdown snippet, for example:

###, quux)

This heading is given the name "foobarbaz-quux", which makes an ugly URL fragment. It'd be cool if this worked:

<h3 name="bar">, quux)</h3>

Or even better, something like this (which certain flavours of Markdown support):

###, quux) {@name=bar}

bkeepers commented Mar 4, 2015

Thanks for the feature request. That would definitely be great. We are not currently adding any extensions to our markdown syntax, but we are following the CommonMark project. You might be interested in this conversation.

Either way, adding support for this can not be accomplished by a change to this library, so I'm going to close this issue.

bkeepers closed this Mar 4, 2015

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