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⚠️ tweetsodium is deprecated and unmaintained ⚠️

Consider using libsodium.js, maintained by the same author as libsodium. For example:

import libsodium from "libsodium-wrappers";

// Compatible with the same `Uint8Array` arguments as `tweetsodium.seal()`
async function async_encrypt(messageBytes, publicKey) {
  await libsodium.ready;
  return libsodium.crypto_box_seal(messageBytes, publicKey);

// Compatible with the same `Uint8Array` arguments as `tweetsodium.sealOpen()`
async function async_decrypt(messageBytes, publicKey, privateKey) {
  await libsodium.ready;
  return libsodium.crypto_box_seal_open(messageBytes, publicKey, privateKey);

Or if you are able to use top-level await:

import libsodium from "libsodium-wrappers";
await libsodium.ready;

// Use:
// - `libsodium.crypto_box_seal` instead of `tweetsodium.seal`
// - `libsodium.crypto_box_seal_open` instead of `tweetsodium.sealOpen`

tweetsodium Build Status

This library implements libsodium's sealed boxes using the tweetnacl-js and blakejs libraries.


const nacl = require("tweetnacl");
const sodium = require("tweetsodium");

// generate public key to use for encryption and coresponding secret key to use
// for decryption
const keyPair =;

// encrypts message string using public key
function encrypt(message) {
  const encoder = new TextEncoder();
  const messageBytes = encoder.encode(message);

  return sodium.seal(messageBytes, keyPair.publicKey);

// decrypts message using secret key
function decrypt(ciphertext) {
  const encoder = new TextEncoder();
  const ciphertextBytes = encoder.encode(ciphertext);

  return sodium.sealOpen(ciphertextBytes, keyPair.publicKey, keyPair.secretKey);