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+# Contribute to GitLab CI
+This guide details how contribute to GitLab CI.
+### Issue tracker guidelines
+**[Search the issues](** for similar entries before submitting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue. Show your support with `:+1:` and/or join the discussion. Please submit issues in the following format (as the first post):
+1. **Summary:** Summarize your issue in one sentence (what goes wrong, what did you expect to happen)
+2. **Steps to reproduce:** How can we reproduce the issue
+3. **Expected behavior:** Describe your issue in detail
+4. **Observed behavior**
+5. **Relevant logs and/or screenshots:** Please use code blocks (\`\`\`) to format console output, logs, and code as it's very hard to read otherwise.
+6. **Possible fixes**: If you can, link to the line of code that might be responsible for the problem
+## Merge requests
+We welcome merge requests with fixes and improvements to GitLab code, tests, and/or documentation. The features we would really like a merge request for are listed with the [status 'accepting merge/merge requests' on our feedback forum]( but other improvements are also welcome.
+### Merge request guidelines
+If you can, please submit a merge request with the fix or improvements including tests. If you don't know how to fix the issue but can write a test that exposes the issue we will accept that as well. In general bug fixes that include a regression test are merged quickly while new features without proper tests are least likely to receive timely feedback. The workflow to make a merge request is as follows:
+1. Fork the project on GitLab Cloud
+1. Create a feature branch
+1. Write tests and code
+1. Add your changes to the [CHANGELOG](CHANGELOG)
+1. If you have multiple commits please combine them into one commit by [squashing them](
+1. Push the commit to your fork
+1. Submit a merge request (MR)
+1. The MR title should describes the change you want to make
+1. The MR description should give a motive for your change and the method you used to achieve it
+1. If the MR changes the UI it should include before and after screenshots
+1. Link relevant [issues]( and/or [feedback items]( from the merge request description and leave a comment on them with a link back to the MR
+1. Be prepared to answer questions and incorporate feedback even if requests for this arrive weeks or months after your MR submittion
+Please keep the change in a single MR as small as possible. If you want to contribute a large feature think very hard what the minimum viable change is. Can you split functionality? Can you only submit the backend/API code? Can you start with a very simple UI? The smaller a MR is the more likely it is it will be merged, after that you can send more MR's to enhance it.
+We will accept merge requests if:
+* The code has proper tests and all tests pass (or it is a test exposing a failure in existing code)
+* It can be merged without problems (if not please use: `git rebase master`)
+* It does not break any existing functionality
+* It's quality code that conforms to the [Ruby]( and [Rails]( style guides and best practices
+* It is not a catch all merge request but rather fixes a specific issue or implements a specific feature
+* It keeps the GitLab code base clean and well structured
+* We think other users will benefit from the same functionality
+* It is a single commit (please use `git rebase -i` to squash commits)

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