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Replacement for gitolite

gitlab-shell: ssh access and repository management

GitLab Shell is an application that allows you to execute git commands and provide ssh access to git repositories. It is not a unix shell nor a replacement for Bash or Zsh.

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Requires ruby 1.9+






Add repo

./bin/gitlab-projects add-project gitlab/gitlab-ci.git

Remove repo

./bin/gitlab-projects rm-project gitlab/gitlab-ci.git

Import repo

# Default timeout is 2 minutes 
./bin/gitlab-projects import-project randx/six.git 

# Override timeout in seconds
./bin/gitlab-projects import-project randx/six.git 90

Fork repo

./bin/gitlab-projects fork-project gitlab/gitlab-ci.git randx

Update HEAD

./bin/gitlab-projects update-head gitlab/gitlab-ci.git 3-2-stable

Create branch

./bin/gitlab-projects create-branch gitlab/gitlab-ci.git 3-2-stable master

Remove branch

./bin/gitlab-projects rm-branch gitlab/gitlab-ci.git 3-0-stable

Create tag

./bin/gitlab-projects create-tag gitlab/gitlab-ci.git v3.0.0 3-0-stable 

Remove tag

./bin/gitlab-projects rm-tag gitlab/gitlab-ci.git v3.0.0


Add key

./bin/gitlab-keys add-key key-782 "ssh-rsa AAAAx321..."

Remove key

./bin/gitlab-keys rm-key key-23 "ssh-rsa AAAAx321..."

Remove all keys from authorized_keys file

./bin/gitlab-keys clear
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