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Gitools 2.3.0

  • Added Median aggregator
  • Added transformation methods to aggregation header wizard
  • Added OneWayAnova test to GroupComparison analysis options
  • Added Mode aggregator
  • New data layers from data transformation
  • Edit annotation values within the application
  • Enable show/hide headers from details box
  • Remove Layer Action
  • Biomart sources update

Gitools 2.2.3

  • Biomart sources update
  • Windows .executable at root: gitools.exe
  • Unix (Linux & OS X) executable at root: gitools
  • Use always the proxy settings if present
  • Reduce network connection timeout
  • Fix empty string header sort
  • Fix proxy issues for downloading datasets
  • Improve hierarchical cluster sorting
  • Hierarchical clusters color palettes
  • Choose visible levels of hierarchical clustering
  • Choose amount of levels for hierarchical clusters

Gitools 2.2.2

  • Preliminary mutex analysis
  • Bugfix: Excel import
  • Bugfix: integer clustering
  • Bugfix: Numeric header sorting
  • Non-0 event function for linear numeric (color) scale
  • Numeric Header value formatter
  • Update color scale load in numeric header wizard

Gitools 2.2.1

  • New external commands: mutex-sort, close (and save)
  • Mutex bugfixes
  • Overlap wizard bugfixes
  • Exception bug fixes

Gitools 2.2.0

  • Mutual exclusion plugin (new)
  • SVG image export (new)
  • Hierarchical cluster heatmap header with contextual menu (new)
  • View enrichment data via contextual menu in results (new)
  • View group comparison data via contextual menu in results (new)
  • Selection statistics (new)
  • Data events (new)
  • Import string values: importing strings to categorical values (new)
  • Layer groups (new)
  • Recent files (new)
  • .mtabix data file compression (new)
  • Parellization: use multiple cores for many tasks
  • Many performance improvements
  • UI improvements

Gitools 2.1.0

  • Flat text file import (new)
  • Data integration: load new data layer on heatmap (new)
  • Clustering improvements
    • Hierarchical clustering color coded header (new)
  • Group comparison:
    • 2+ groups may be compared (new)
    • Improved wizard
  • Bookmarks (new)
  • access to Gitools data-sets from welcome-tab (new)
  • UI improvements

Gitools 2.0.0

  • format for saving and laoding heatmaps.
  • Contextual menus. Header and details reveal menus upon right click
  • Show values in heatmap (new)
  • new UI

before Gitools 2.0.0

  • Correlation analysis
  • Enrichment analysis (binomial, z-score, fisher)
  • Overlapping analysis
  • Oncodrive analysis
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