A Jekyll plugin to show the last_modified_at time of a post.
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Last Modified At Plugin

A liquid tag for Jekyll to indicate the last time a file was modified.

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Setting up

Add the following to your site's _config.yml file

  - jekyll-last-modified-at


There are a few ways to use this gem.

You can place the following tag somewhere within your layout:

{% last_modified_at %}

By default, this creates a time format matching "%d-%b-%y" (like "04-Jan-14").

You can also choose to pass along your own time format. For example:

{% last_modified_at %Y:%B:%A:%d:%S:%R %}

That produces "2014:January:Saturday:04."

You can also call the method directly on a Jekyll "object," like so:

{{ page.last_modified_at }}

To format such a time, you'll need to rely on Liquid's date filter:

{{ page.last_modified_at | date: '%Y:%B:%A:%d:%S:%R' }}

(It's generally more performant to use the page.last_modified_at version of this plugin.)