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A very simple IRC bot written in C. Its primary purpose is logging what people say on channels.


There are multiple ways to compile SirLogsalot.

  1. Running make or make compile will compile the code and leave an executable called sirlogsalot.
  2. Running make run will compile the code and run the executable in one step.
  3. Running make test will compile the code and perform memory tests using valgrind.
  4. Running make clean will remove the executable and only leave the code files.

How to Use

The program logs the messages, joins and leaves to filenames in the format nick.log.txt or #channel.log.txt. It adds the current date and time to every line. It allows configuration with the config.txt file.

The Config File

The program can be configured by editing the config.txt file. The file is in the key = value format. The settings are:

  1. server: Used to set the server ip to connect to. Example: server =
  2. port: Used to set the port of the server. The default irc port is 6667. Example: port = 6667
  3. nick: Used to set the nick of the bot. Example: nick = SirLogsalot
  4. channels: Used to set the channel list for the bot, comma seperated. Example: channels = #WatchPeopleCode,#archlinux