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sView - stereoscopic media player

Downloads License: GPL v3

sView is a cross-platform solution to view 3D stereoscopic videos and images. Please visit official site for more information:

sView SDK

sView SDK - is a set of libraries for development of a stereoscopic application, which sView programs (media player and others) are based on.

  • libStShared threads, mutexes, template-based signals and slots, OpenGL tools, settings management, and other tools.
  • libStGLWidgets compact C++ toolkit for writing GUI using OpenGL 2.1+ or OpenGL ES 2.0+.
  • libStCore window system independent C++ toolkit for writing OpenGL applications.
  • libStOutAnaglyph stereoscopic output in anaglyph format using GLSL programs.
  • libStOutDistorted stereoscopic output in anamorph side-by-side format.
  • libStOutDual stereoscopic output through two dedicated interfaces.
  • libStOutInterlace stereoscopic output for row interlaced displays using GLSL programs.
  • libStOutIZ3D stereoscopic output for iZ3D monitors using GLSL programs.
  • libStOutPageFlip stereoscopic output for shutter glasses devices.


To get up-to-date sources please clone official git repository:

  git clone


Read the documentation in the docs/ directory in git. Online help is available on official site:


See the docs/LICENSE file.

Build and Install

See the docs/INSTALL file.

Continuous Integration

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