A multiplayer WebVR game where each side builds and defends their stronghold from the opposing team.
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Block Break VR

A multiplayer WebVR game where each side builds and defends their stronghold from the opposing team.

View Demo (Single-player only)


Aim the cursor and click to place a block, jump and shoot your way to victory! Build and defend your fort while trying to destroy the opposing teams shiny relic.


  • Spacebar - Jump
  • CTRL - Shoot

Known Issues

  • Blocks can only be placed on / destroyed from the top and 2 of the facing sides.
  • Sounds events do not sync over the network
  • Network activity can be laggy when firing projectiles
  • Current demo is single-player only


  • Sync sound events over network
  • Trigger local physics for animations in response to network events (e.g. block destruction)
  • Provision multiplayer demo server
  • Add scoring and rounds
  • Add team colours
  • Add new player model
  • Test block placing using HTC Vive / Oculus controllers
  • Add locomotion support for Google Cardboard / Mobile devices
  • Add support for block placing using GearVR / Daydream controllers


Also a special thanks to everyone from the A-Frame community who contributed components to this project!


  • Run the following from the project root:
npm install



  • After pulling from the repository whe a new package has been added, be sure to run npm install or the _build/index.js.map won't compile correctly. Check inside that file for errors.

Development Mode

  • Run the following to start the development server:

    npm start

    Open your browser to http://localhost:8080 to view the project.

Production Mode

  • Run the following to start the server in production mode so you can access the server via your IP address

    npm run prod

    Open your browser to http://YOUR_IP:8080 to view the project.

Updating GitHub Pages

  • Run the following to update GitHub pages with a static build based on the current local branch:

    npm run ghpages