minimalist html5 template of infrastructure useful for most games
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barebones HTML5 game template

This template supplies basic infrastructure that a good web game can be built on, so that as the game developer, you can just get on with writing that game.

fast start

easy build & deploy

  • builds minified game configured for browser appcache using UglifyJS and almond.js
  • trivial to deploy to a live server (currently supports github-pages)

default best practices help your codebase scale

  • structured for maintainability using RequireJS
  • includes pre-configured QUnit test harness

easy to specialize

it should be easy to build higher-level, more specialized templates (e.g. for a simple canvas game, a game based on the Gladius engine, or an MMORPG) on top of this one.


  • be sure node.js and npm are installed and in your PATH

  • (optional) if you wish to deploy to github pages, ensure that git is installed and configured

  • Use npm to install volo into your path, if it's not there already:

    npm install -g volo

let's get started

Create and configure a new copy of this game template:

> volo create myNewGame gladiusjs/html5-game-template

Take a look around:

> cd myNewGame
> ls       package.json    tools           www
node_modules    test            volofile

Add any libraries that you intend to use. volo uses github's search API to find them and grabs the latest released version.

> volo add three.js
Using github repo "mrdoob/three.js" for "three.js"...
Installed github:mrdoob/three.js/master at js/three.js

> volo add stats.js
Using github repo "mrdoob/stats.js" for "stats.js"...
Installed github:mrdoob/stats.js/master at www/js/lib/stats.js

Do any development you like, putting tests into the test/ directory infrastructure if you wish. (Not shown :-)

Build a minified version complete with an appcache file:

> volo appcache

Deploy the built version to the gh-pages branch of suitably named repo:

> volo ghdeploy
Log in to GitHub to complete action (your password is not saved. It is sent over SSL to GitHub and converted to an OAuth token)
GitHub user name: dmose
GitHub password: 
Contacting GitHub...
e5dbfd4..1296c81  gh-pages -> gh-pages
GitHub Pages is set up. Check in about 10-15 minutes.


  • FAQ
  • upcoming features (depending in part on user feedback): jshint, Mozilla Persona auth, Node.js server side piece


Main developers: Dan Mosedale and James Burke

This template is based on, and still shares code with, James Burke's create-responsive-template for volo, and leans heavily on volo. Thanks to the contributors to both volo and create-responsive-template.

Thanks to Alan Kligman for helping crispify various parts of the the documentation and what we're shipping.

Thanks also to the authors of the following: