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SuperCollider is copyright James McCartney and many different authors Published under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later. Some code is GPL3+ so the overall bundle will typically be GPL3+.

This version is based on Supercollider 3.5. Synthdefs created using Supercollider 3.6 will usually fail to load.

SuperCollider-Android port by Alex Shaw and Dan Stowell.

Build Instructions

NOTE: this was tested on OS X. It should work similarly on Linux with some minor changes (ant installation, etc.)

Install the Android SDK. See Optionally, install Eclipse, although the instructions that follow describe buildling from the command line.

If building from the command-line, install Apache ant. If homebrew is installed:

brew install ant

This project uses the Crystax NDK rather than the standard Android NDK. Download it from Extract and follow the installation instructions in docs/INSTALL.html.

For convenience, add the location of the NDK to your PATH (optional).

From the root SuperCollider-Android project directory:

# or /path/to/ndk-build if this isn't on your PATH

This will build the native modules.

From the same directory:

android update project -p . --target [target_number]
# where target_number is a one of your installed android targets
# these can be viewed with:
android list

This will generate an ant build.xml in the root directory.

Build the project itself:

ant debug

Install on a connected device or emulator:

adb install -r bin/SuperColliderActivity-debug.apk 
# -r here forces a reintsall if the apk already exists on the target

Eclipse and release build left as excercises for the reader. Happy hacking!