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SuperCollider is copyright James McCartney and many different authors Published under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later. Some code is GPL3+ so the overall bundle will typically be GPL3+.

This version is based on Supercollider 3.5. Synthdefs created using Supercollider 3.6 will usually fail to load.

SuperCollider-Android port by Alex Shaw and Dan Stowell. http://github.com/glastonbridge/SuperCollider-Android

Build Instructions

NOTE: this was tested on OS X. It should work similarly on Linux with some minor changes (ant installation, etc.)

Install the Android SDK. See https://developer.android.com/sdk/installing/index.html. Optionally, install Eclipse, although the instructions that follow describe buildling from the command line.

If building from the command-line, install Apache ant. If homebrew is installed:

brew install ant

This project uses the Crystax NDK rather than the standard Android NDK. Download it from https://www.crystax.net/android/ndk.php. Extract and follow the installation instructions in docs/INSTALL.html.

For convenience, add the location of the NDK to your PATH (optional).

From the root SuperCollider-Android project directory:

# or /path/to/ndk-build if this isn't on your PATH

This will build the native modules.

From the same directory:

android update project -p . --target [target_number]
# where target_number is a one of your installed android targets
# these can be viewed with:
android list

This will generate an ant build.xml in the root directory.

Build the project itself:

ant debug

Install on a connected device or emulator:

adb install -r bin/SuperColliderActivity-debug.apk 
# -r here forces a reintsall if the apk already exists on the target

Eclipse and release build left as excercises for the reader. Happy hacking!