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Glazum Framework usage example.

Each question will be shown only once (it's a Glazum policy), so if you'd like to see them again just delete app from device or simulator.

There are 5 questions binded to the next markers:

:app launched

  • How did you hear about app?
  • How likely is it that you will recommend this app to a friend or colleague?

loop changed

  • What do you think about loop feature? (second usage of loop control)

volume changed to maximum

  • Is maximum loudness enough or you?

volume changed to minimum

  • Do you need mute button or it's ok to change volume for you?

How see questions

  1. Change volume to maximum
  2. Change volume to minimum
  3. Change loop settings twice
  4. Run app twice to see one question bounded to :app launched
  5. Run app three times to see another question bounded to :app launched