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Example auth controllers for an SPA using Identity
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ASP.NET Core Identity Example

This project complements my blog post:

Setting up your dev environment and this project solution

  • Install Visual Studio or any text editor of your choice like VS Code
  • Install MySql and create a new database (you can also use postgres or SQL Server etc; refer to my blog post or Microsoft Docs)
  • Clone this repo
  • Open up the solution (directory) in VS / your text editor
  • Rename Web/appsettings.Development.example.json to appsettings.Development.json
  • Update the ConnectionStrings with the correct parameters. (If you're not using MySql replace it with an appropriate connection string.)
  • If you don't use MySql, you'll need to regenerate the Migrations folder.
  • Run the migrations using dotnet ef database update (from the Web project directory).

Run the project

Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code

F5 to Debug

Visual Studio for Mac

Cmd + Return to debug


cd Web
ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Development dotnet run
# Now browse to localhost:5000
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