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After doing plenty of demonstrations for Xamarin.Forms, people kept asking if the Resharper templates or Xamarin Studio Templates were available.

I created them for my own use so I could create user interfaces quicker. As we can create Content Pages, Lists and other styles of content all the time I thought I would encapsulate the common templates for creating screens and this is the result.

How to use

The file ResharperTemplatesForXamarinForms.DotSettings needs to be imported into Templates Explorer, which is available from the Resharper menu from Visual Studio.

There are 26 templates in the current version which mainly deal with creating controls. All templates start with xf and allow you to quickly create controls.

Once you have them imported type xf and you should see the list of templates appear. From there just select the one that you want to use

A few favourites

A few of my favourites include:

xfContentPage creates a ContentPage subclass

xfStackedContentPage creates a ContentPage subclass which contains a scrollable StackLayout

xfListViewPageBasic creates a ListView in a ContentPage that you can manipulate

xfLabel creates a Label control

xfEntry creates a Entry Control for user data entry

xfLabelEntry creates a Label and an Entry control in one batch

xfWebView creates a WebView, an embedded browser control


These are my current templates that I have in Visual Studio. I have more in Xamarin Studio that I will bring across. If you find an error or have a suggestion for a template please let me know.