A Pi-hole inspired DNS firewall for use with bind/named using RPZ
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A Pi-hole inspired DNS firewall / blacklister for use with bind/named using RPZ (plus Laptops running NetworkManger with dnsmasq)

For full details see https://www.pitt-pladdy.com/blog/_20170407-105402_0100_DNS_Firewall_blackhole_malicious_like_Pi-hole_with_bind9/


This may vary by distro, but the ones given here are based on Debian and derived distros. The script is Python 3 as 2.x is now pretty old and heading towards retirement. Python 3 has had major modules ported and has been working well for some time now, so this project has moved over.

  • python3
  • python3-yaml (PyYAML)
  • python3-requests

py-hole-bind9RPZ & py-hole-bind9RPZ_config.yaml

This updates a bind9 RPZ (Response Policy Zone) file against configuration in /etc/bind/py-hole-rpzconfig.yaml

py-hole-dnsmasq & py-hole-dnsmasq_config.yaml

This is a variant designed for use on Laptops (and other roaming devices) running Mint or Ubuntu that use dnsmasq with NetworkManager.

Since these devices roam, they need local protection as we can't depend on whatever network they are connecting to.

Default config is coded in, but can be overridden with /etc/py-hole-config.yaml