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This is a early stage implementation for using Terraform and the GleSYS API. Please see and for more information.


Using the terraform-provider-glesys

In your Terraform configuration, add this. Then run terraform init

terraform {
  required_providers {
    glesys = {
      source = "glesys/glesys"
      # version = "0.5.0" # If you want to specify a certain release.

provider "glesys" {
  # Configuration options

$ terraform init

Run terraform

Instead of hardcoding credentials into your terraform templates. Use environment variables for example.

GLESYS_USERID="CL12345" GLESYS_TOKEN="ABC12345678" terraform plan

Local development

Debian requirements

Setup terraform-provider-glesys for local development

Clone the repo into a folder of your liking.

$ git clone

Install the plugin

$ cd terraform-provider-glesys
$ make
==> Checking that code complies with gofmt requirements...
go install
go: finding v0.12.9
$ mkdir -p ~/.terraform.d/local_dev
$ ln -s ~/go/bin/terraform-provider-glesys ~/.terraform.d/local_dev/

Setup dev_overrides

Create a file provider_overrides.tfrc for example:

provider_installation {
  dev_overrides {
    "glesys/glesys" = "/home/myuser/.terraform.d/local_dev"
  direct {}

Run terraform with environment variable TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE

$ TF_CLI_CONFIG_FILE=/path/to/provider_overrides.tfrc terraform plan


We love Pull Requests ♥

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Make sure to run the tests to verify that you're starting with a clean slate.
  3. Add a test for your change, make sure it fails. Refactoring existing code or improving documentation does not require new tests.
  4. Make the changes and ensure the test pass.
  5. Commit your changes, push to your fork and submit a Pull Request.