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Advent of Code 2019 solutions
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Advent of Code 2019

These are my Advent of Code 2019 solutions. I try to focus on making clean and documented Haskell solutions to each puzzle.

We'll be chatting about AoC on IRC all December. You can find AoC discussion on freenode's ##adventofcode and #haskell (webchat)


I recommend installing ghc with ghcup.

$ curl -sSf | sh

I'm using GHC 8.8.1 this year

$ ghcup install 8.8.1
$ ghcup set     8.8.1

cabal-install-3 is the best way to get things built

$ cabal update
$ cabal build

Running solutions

All the solutions take an optional command line argument that can be an input file name or - to read the input from stdin.

$ cabal run Day01

Intcode Interpreter

A few of my solutions rely on a common Intcode interpreter: Intcode.hs

Common libraries used

  • containers - Almost all of the solutions will benefit from having access to Map and Set types from this package.
  • megaparsec - Each problem features a simple text-file format input. Parser combinators make it easy to define the simple parser needed to consume these inputs.
  • doctest - Having checked examples in the documentation makes it easier to understand what code does and easy to add unit tests.
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