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This repo contains a native iOS app.

You're probably thinking "There's only two JSON files here and that's it, how can this possibly be a native app?"

Well, it's because it's powered by Jasonette, which enables native apps over HTTP, using JSON.

The gif you see below is an actual capture of the resulting app

It's fully native, and served directly from this repo over HTTP.

Check out the website to learn how it works.

kitty gif

##How kitty.json works

There are three JSON files here: index.json, popular.json, and detail.json. Each describes a view.

  1. popular.json: The second tab ("sorted by rank") - Makes a network request to website. - Parses the response into JSON. - Renders the result JSON markup into native components. - Transitions to detail.json when a user touches an item, passing the corresponding url as a parameter.

  2. index.json: The home tab. Works the same way as popular.json, but displays the result sorted by time.

  3. detail.json: The details screen (product details page) - Makes a network request to each detail page, using the parameter passed in from index.json and popular.json. - Parses the response into JSON. - Renders the result JSON markup into native components.

##How to use

  1. Download Jasonette.
  2. Run Setup.
  3. When asked for url, enter the raw JSON url for index.json.

##Want more? This is just a small example to demonstrate what kind of apps you can build with nothing but JSON. Learn more about Jasonette

For questions and support, please use the Slack chatroom



ProductHunt client powered by Jasonette







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