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The multiplatform advanced visualization framework

G3M is a framework developed and designed to:

  • Develop mobile maps apps in 2D, 2,5D and 3D
  • Work with real time data
  • Integrate any kind of data (format,size)
  • Be integrated on any legacy system
  • High performance mobile native development
  • Multi Touch screens
  • Face the problem of the mobile performance as an integrated problem between server & client
  • Online - Offline, cache management
  • Real time, push management



The G3M architecture has been created to have a Multiplatform API creating the fewest possible amount of source code. We have developed a core in C++ that is translated to Java (to work on Android devices) and later is translated to GWT (HTML5 - Javascript) In every platform there are some libraries that must be developed in the diferent prgramming languages, this classes are declared as abstract and must be developed individually for every platform. The result is that we have a native API on IOS, Android and webGL and we can easily add new platforms when it was needed.



G3M is released under a 2 clauses BSD license Except for the Blender plugin exporter which is available under the GPL 2.0 License.:


This project has beed developed with the help of Ministerio de Industria Energía y Turismo. logos logos logos