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Master List of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS Resources

This list started out as a blog post, with the intent of sharing a list of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 resources that I found very useful. Feel free to read the original article to see what links I deemed relevent in January of 2011.

The structure of this list has changed from a single file (which can still be found here), to a more organized, yet still simple, collection of files. This should make it a bit easier to organize, digest, and maintain (for those who would like to contribute).

I have also taken a more opinionated stance on what to include, and what to recommend to others, based upon my experiences in the field, and my consumption of a varied and vast number of articles on the subjects. Note that most of the resources listed herein are free and open source. There are exceptions, but for the most part, you can obtain all the knowledge and tools you need to become a crack front end designer or developer thanks to the hard work of others. Please consider donating to individuals or purchasing tools whenever possible to help support this thriving ecosystem.

The new list is now broken up into the following topics:

Core Technologies

Popular Topics

Articles & Resources, Updated Daily

NOTE: I am in the process of migrating the old list into these new categories, while adding/subtracting/reorganizing at the same time. While it is a work in progress, you will still find useful information. Keep in mind, you can always see the original list here.

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