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Experimental glue plugin for satellite imagery

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Note that this plugin requires glue to be installed - see this page for instructions on installing glue.

In addition, this plugin requires the rasterio and pyproj packages to be installed.


If you are using conda, you can easily install the plugin and all the required dependencies with:

conda install -c glueviz glue-geospatial

Alternatively, if you don't use conda, be sure to install the above dependencies then install the plugin with:

pip install glue-geospatial

This will auto-register the plugin with Glue.


At the moment, this plugin provides a reader based on rasterio. You can give glue any file that can be read by rasterio. For example, if mydata.tif is a GeoTIFF file, you can do:

glue mydata.tif

and you can also load files from inside glue.


To run the tests, do:

py.test glue_geospatial

at the root of the repository. This requires the pytest module to be installed.