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GLUG MVIT Official Blog

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(A) Machine Learning Series

Topic Author
1. Classification ayushianan
2. Clustering ayushianan
3. Face Recognition srishti-nema
4. OpenCV vgaurav3011

(B) Deep Learning Series

Topic Author
1. Convolutional Neural Networks susmit-a
2. Expression Analysis ayushianan

(C) Self Driving Cars

Topic Author
1. Introduction shrutishuk
2. Object Recognition euno257


  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Clone a copy of your fork on your local
  3. Create a branch off of master and give it a meaningful name (e.g. my-new-feature).
  4. Make necessary changes, commit, push and open a pull request on GitHub.

Go through our Contribution Guidelines for more details on getting started with contributing to this project.

Thank you!


Copyright (C) 2019 GLUG MVIT is designed and maintained by GLUG MVIT and it is licensed MIT.

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