The java version of Redux : a predictable state container for apps.
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This repo is deprecated but is very likely to come back later.

For the time being, the adventure is continuing here


The java version of Redux : a predictable state container for java apps.

Redux-java has been designed Android in mind but is not constrained to it (Java7, no dependency on Android but an Android dev tools UI is available)

Like the initial version of Redux (for JavaScript apps), it helps you to write applications that behave consistently and are easy to test. It also provides a time traveling debugger.

devtools-android-ui demo gif


When using Redux-java your application logic is at the center but isolated from the context of execution, such as the platform specifics. Tipically on Android, none of your application logic should depend on Android.

To accomplish this, Redux takes actions as input and provides a global state as the output. The actions are reduced to states using pure functions. This is why your application states are predictables and easy to test.

Redux has a unidirectional data flow (from the action to the state) which make it fairly easy to understand.


Redux-java has been designed with Android in mind. It is pure Java and is designed to work well with Kotlin (which I think is a better choice to write your reducers). Therefore, the tests are written in Kotlin, but this is not a runtime dependency.


The project is in early developent and is not yet released.



  • If you are not familiar with unidirectional data flow, I recommand readling the Facebook flux documentation.
  • Redux is a simplification of flux created by Dan Abramov, I also recommend watching this 30' video to understand the principle and motivations of redux.
  • The official and great redux documentation is here