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Language server providing completion for gluon
Rust TypeScript
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This implements the language server protocol and offers gluon support for the LSP clients, like VSCode, Atom and many others.


Also part of this repo is the extension for Visual Studio Code which is based on the LSP implementation.

Installing the language server

The language server is available at and can be installed by running cargo install gluon_language-server. After installing the extension you will need to either make the language server executable available in $PATH or set the gluon.language-server.path option to exectuables path.

    "gluon.language-server.path": "gluon_language-server",

    // Gluon specific settings can be specified with
    "[gluon]": {
        "editor.formatOnSave": false


  • Code completion

  • Hover support

  • Symbol highlighting

  • Symbol lookup

  • Code formatting (May still eat your laundry)



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