Gluster monitoring using Prometheus
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Prometheus exporter for Gluster Metrics

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These exporters will be run on all Gluster peers, So it makes sense to collect only local metrics and aggregate in Prometheus server when required.


mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
cd gluster-prometheus
PREFIX=/usr make
PREFIX=/usr make install


Run gluster-exporter with default settings, glusterd is consumable at http://localhost:8080/metrics

systemctl enable gluster-exporter
systemctl start gluster-exporter

Systemd service uses following configuration file for global and collectors related configurations.

gluster-mgmt = "glusterd"
glusterd-dir = "/var/lib/glusterd"
gluster-binary-path = "gluster"
gd2-rest-endpoint = ""
port = 8080
metrics-path = "/metrics"
log-dir = "/var/log"
log-file = "gluster-exporter.log"
log-level = "info"

name = "gluster_ps"
sync-interval = 5
disabled = false

name = "gluster_brick"
sync-interval = 5
disabled = false

To use gluster-exporter without systemd,

gluster-exporter --config=/etc/gluster-exporter/gluster-exporter.toml


List of supported metrics are documented here.

Adding New metrics

glusterCPUPercentage = prometheus.NewGaugeVec(
        Namespace: "gluster",
        Name:      "cpu_percentage",
        Help:      "CPU Percentage used by Gluster processes",
    []string{"volume", "peerid", "brick_path"},
  • Implement the function to gather data, and register to gather data in required interval


registerMetric("gluster_brick", brickUtilization)
  • Add an entry in /etc/gluster-exporter/gluster-exporter.toml

name = "gluster_ps"
sync-interval = 5
disabled = false
  • Thats it! Exporter will run these registered metrics.