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GlyTouCan provides stable accessions for glycans described at varyious degrees of characterization, including compositions (no linkage) and topologies (no carbon bond positions or anomeric configurations).

GNOme organizes these stable accessions

GNOme is a subproject of and is supported by the GlyGen: Computational and Informatics Resources for Glycoscience project.

GNOme is an OBO Foundry ontology.

Interactive Tools

Use the GNOme Glycan Structure Browser to find glycan structures by composition, topology, and subsumption relationships.

Use the GNOme Glycan Composition Browser to find glycan compositions by composition and subsumption relationships.

Deep-linking is also supported, to jump to a specific GlyTouCan acccession: G62109NW or button state: HexNAc(5)Hex(6).


GNOme restrictions support specific subsets of GlyTouCan accessions:

Semantic Names

GNOme Glycan Synonyms support quick lookup of commonly used composition strings and other semantic glycan names.

Current Release

GNOme.owl, GNOme.obo, GNOme.json

Stable URLs

The current release of GNOme is always available at the permanent URLs:

Older Releases

Tagged and versioned releases are also available.


GNOme input data-files, resulting ontologies, and interactive widgets are managed at GitHub.


Please submit issues, suggestions, corrections to the issue tracker.