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A search plugin for Nesta CMS
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nesta-search is a plugin for the Nesta CMS for automatically linking to other related content on your site. It uses the [Ferret][1] full text search engine to find content on your site that is related to the current page.

Full text search (so you can add a search box to your site) is planned.


To install it as a gem add nesta-search to the Gemfile in your Nesta project, and then re-run bundle:

$ echo "gem 'nesta-search', '0.0.1'" >> Gemfile
$ bundle

If you'd rather install the plugin locally (which is useful if you want to modify the code a bit):

$ mkdir -p plugins
$ cd plugins
$ git clone
$ grep '^gem' nesta-search/Gemfile >> ../Gemfile
$ cd .. && bundle
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