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A JRuby DSL for Cascading
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Latest commit 9c5706f @mrwalker mrwalker Prep for 0.0.4 release
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bin Fixed some bugs in make_job script
lib Prep for 0.0.4 release
samples Eliminated unnecessary input caching in samples. Clean up input and o…
spec Allow forward referencing of assemblies/branches and Assembly scopes …
src/cascading/jruby Make Main runner class and runner script more verbose to help diagnos…
tasks Prep for 0.0.4 release
test Remove unnecessary instance_eval
.gitignore Cleanups and classpath fixes PipeHelpers module merged into the Assembly class and ExprStub extracted
History.txt Refactored Job module into Builder class + new sample: widefinder.rb
LICENSE.txt Add license file (LGPL) Remove unsupported extensions
build.xml Fixed some bugs in make_job script


cascading.jruby is a small DSL above Cascading.

It requires Hadoop (>= 0.18.3) and Cascading (>=1.0.1) to be set via the environment variables: HADOOP_HOME and CASCADING_HOME

Copyright 2009, Grégoire Marabout.

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