MHAboutView is a generic, reusable 'About view' for iOS apps
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MHAboutView Demo

About MHAboutView

MHAboutView is a generic, reusable 'About view' for your iOS app.


  • An App Name and Version Info.
  • Email feedback with MFMailComposeViewController
  • Email body includes app and version info aswell
  • Links to the app's review and developer's pages
  • Configurable via Info.plist
  • Easy customization with JMStaticContentTableViewController
  • WebView based Changelog


about view contacts us Changelog


git clone --recursive
cd MHAboutView
open MHAboutView.xcodeproj

To see the demo app select and run MHAboutView Demo target.


MHAboutView depends on JMStaticContentTableViewController


Once installed, configuration is pretty straightforward:

  1. add MHAboutView.xcodeproject to your app's project or workspace

  2. add libMHAboutView.a library to Link Binary With Libraries in Build Phases

  3. ensure Other Linker Flags includes -ObjC flag in Build Settings section

  4. MHAboutView expects app's Info.plist to have MHAboutViewInfo entry with dictionary describing contact email, urls and changelog filename, ie:


    see MHAboutView Demo target as an example.

  5. Adding MHAboutView to an app:

     #import <MHAboutView/MHAboutView.h>
     // ..
     MHAboutViewController *about = [[MHAboutViewController alloc] init];
     UINavigationController *nav = [[UINavigationController alloc] initWithRootViewController: about];
     self.window.rootViewController = nav;

    Note that it depends on navigation controller to function properly.

    see MHAboutView Demo/MHAppDelegate.m as an example.


  • Changelog styled appropriately for OS