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first up kudos for the library. It rocks!

I'd like to replicate the SpringBoard behavior in the following way:

  • In "normal" mode I am not able to move or delete cells
  • When touching and holding a cell for x secs the grid view switches to "editing" mode (all cells wiggling), where I am able to move AND/OR delete cells (the delete button shows for all cells). Of course I would need an Edit/Done button in the navigation bar to finish the editing mode.

Is it possible to produce this behavior with the current code? If not, I'll dig in :)

I'm looking for the exact same thing! I would like to utilize GMGridView, but I need the Springboard paradigm, which unfortunately is not currently supported.

The code currently equates editing with deletion instead of reordering (sorting). This is very limiting, and as you mention, not at all springboard-like. Apple's paradigm is that shaking = movable, and has nothing to do with deletion.

I would love to see the following enhancements:

  • setEditing turns on sorting and deletion (perhaps this is customizable as an and/or)
  • have the longPressGesture recognizer turn on editing (and have an option for it to not do anything as well)
  • Have a canSortItemAtIndex delegate call to disable sorting of specific cells. (YES = shake and allow movement, NO = don't shake and can't move)
  • Make canDeleteItemAtIndex only affect the presence of the delete icon and functionality (and leave shaking out of things).

Thanks @seboslaw.

Yeah, the springboard behaviour is not replicable with the current codebase.
There's probably a way to do it easily. I'll think of it when I can. Feel free to pull-request if you get around to implement it.

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