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🌿 📖 plantuml diagrams in your markdown
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Plugin for creating block-level uml diagrams for markdown-it markdown parser.

With this plugin you can create uml diagrams inside your markdown files:

# UML example:

Bob -> Alice : hello

See plantuml website for more details.


node.js, browser:

$ npm install markdown-it-plantuml --save

Basic usage

const md = require('markdown-it')()

See markdown-it repository for more details.

Advanced usage

const md = require('markdown-it')()
           .use(require('markdown-it-plantuml'), options);


  • openMarker - optional, defaults to @startuml. String to use as oppening delimiter.
  • closeMarker - optional, defaults to @enduml. String to use as closing delimiter.
  • generateSource - optional, defaults to using public plant-uml server. Generates the src property of the image element.
  • diagramName - optional, defaults to uml. Name used by generateSoruce to generate diagram tags like @startuml, @startditaa, etc.
  • imageFormat - optional, defaults to svg. Format used by generateSource to generate the src of the image element.
  • render - optional, defaults to markdown-it image renderer. Renderer function for opening/closing tokens.
  • server - optional, defaults to Defines the plantuml server used for image generation.

Example: using custom URL to serve diagrams

const options = {
  generateSource: function generateSource(umlCode) {
    return `https://your.server/plant-uml/${yourEncodeFunction(umlCode)}`;

const md = require('markdown-it')()
           .use(require('markdown-it-plantuml'), options);

Example: generating ditaa diagrams

const options = {
  openMarker: '@startditaa',
  closeMarker: '@endditaa',
  diagramName: 'ditaa',
  imageFormat: 'png'

const md = require('markdown-it')()
           .use(require('markdown-it-plantuml'), options);



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