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Ultra-Fast-Inserters (formely Ultra-Fast-Magnectic-Inserters)

A fork of to add extra inserters Please unsubscribe from the original to avoid conflicts.

Add 6 new inserters:

  • Ultra Fast Stack inserters
  • Ultra Fast Long Reach Stack inserters
  • Ultra Fast Filter Stack inserters
  • Ultra Fast Long Reach filter Stack inserters
  • Ultra Fast Configurable inserters
  • Ultra Fast Configurable filter inserters

Version 0.1 adds a new exprimental inserter:

  • Ultra Fast configurable inserters ** UFCI allows to chose which lane to pick-up and dropoff items. pickup is always even due to only beign able to pickup from a whole belt.
  • Removing the word Magnectic - gets the name a bit shorter

Version 0.1.1

  • Change default to no stack, which makes the inserters faster - it doesn't have to wait for a stack
  • Added settings to allow the user to control
  • Ultra Fast configurable Filter inserter
    • Same as the configurable, but with filters

There are no animations which allows the inserters to work at a significant speed boost. A great companion to fast belts.

Balance may need be adjusted. These inserter use a lot of power. Some of the graphics are a little off but the difference is minor.

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