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The GNES Library for Kubernetes

Launch GNES on Kubernetes using Kubernetes Helm.

Before you begin

Setup a Kubernetes Cluster

Install Helm

Helm is a tool for managing Kubernetes charts. Charts are packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources.

To install Helm, refer to the Helm install guide and ensure that the helm binary is in the PATH of your shell.

Using Helm

Once you have installed the Helm client and initialized the Tiller server, you can deploy a GNES Helm Chart into a Kubernetes cluster.

Please refer to the Quick Start guide if you wish to get running in just a few commands, otherwise the Using Helm Guide provides detailed instructions on how to use the Helm client to manage packages on your Kubernetes cluster.

Useful Helm Client Commands:

  • View available charts: helm search
  • Install a chart: helm install stable/<package-name>
  • Upgrade your application: helm upgrade
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