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#Beamly OnDemand (ver 2)

The initial extension was developed during the DevLabLive hackathon. Ver 2 was officially release on the 17th and includes historical tweets for iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD. See full description bellow.

additional info

We all love watching our favourite shows as catch-up on iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD. But when you watch catch-up you miss out on all the social goodness. Where are the tweets? Why can't you see people's reactions?

Beamly OnDemand changes that. With Beamly OnDemand, when you go to iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD you'll get a tweet panel added next to the video player.

The tweets shown are the ones made when the show was first broadcast on TV. Beamly OnDemand finally makes catch-up social - you get to watch whenever you want, and you still get to see the tweets made at that moment in the original airing of the show.

Beamly OnDemand works for shows broadcast in the past 7 days on BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4OD