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Design files for Coffee table CT1
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Coffee table CT1

CT1 is a parametric cadquery/cqparts model of a coffeetable.

Coffee table

Fullscreen 3D-model of the coffee table

Read more about the design on my website

Order your own CT1 coffee table here

How to build the model

A prerequiste is to have FreeCAD installed.

The easiest way to build and view the model is to use the freecad-cadquery-module which can be installed through FreeCAD's Addon manager.

Then you open the script in the cadquery-menu and press F2 to build.

Alternatively you can build the model from commandline, first you need to install cadquery and cqparts.

pip install --user cadquery
pip install --user cqparts

Then you can run the script with python. The design will open in a webviewer.

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