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Pygments lexer to perform syntax highlighting for N3, Turtle and SPARQL
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This is a Pygments lexer that performs syntax highlighting for:

  • n3, turtle : Turtle/N3/NT (*.ttl, *.n3 and *.NT)
  • sparql : SPARQL (*.sparql)

Make sure you're running Pygments 1.7 or higher and run

sudo python install

to install and e.g.

pygmentize -l turtle filename.ttl

to run Pygments.

This is mostly code from Openvest which seems to be abandoned. The original instructions on that site only works when using pygmentize from the command-line. This implementation registers the package as a proper Pygments plugin which you can use from within Python, e.g.:

from pygments.lexers import (get_lexer_by_name,get_lexer_for_filename)

should return <pygments.lexers.Notation3Lexer>.

n3pygments was created based on this answer on the TeX StackExchange site. So yes, you can use it to perform using syntax highlighting on your code in LaTeX using Minted. I have also used it with success to perform syntax highlighting on an Octopress 2.0 blog.

Thanks go out to Raphaël Pinson and Philip Cooper.

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