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GNU Radio website

Install Prequisites

To render the GNU Radio website a recent ([hugo] installation in the extended mode is required. If you already have a go environment setup and you are familiar with go get. The easiest way to get hugo in the required version: go get ---tags extended -u

Run local development version

For viewing a new blogpost/news/article draft run hugo -D server and visit the rendered version in your browser at localhost:1313. The -D is required to show entries which are not yet marked for publishing with draft: false.

How to add stuff to the website

If you want to make a change to the website, add a news or blog item, fix a typo or whatever, simply clone this repo and make a pull request against it. When the admins approve the PR, we will re-generate the website and upload the new version.

This website uses the Hugo static site generator. Its documentation can be found here:

How to add a news item

If you have Hugo running, simply run

hugo new content/news/

and it will create a template for new. Alternatively, copy an old news item (if you don't have Hugo running) and modify it accordingly.

Before submitting a pull request, make sure to remove the draft: true line from the file.

How to add a blog article

How to add a topic to the splash screen on the greeting page (the carousel)

When you go to, the first thing you see (under the menu) is a great big picture, a "Learn More" button, and some tag line. It's called the carousel because you can click the arrows on the left and right and it'll give you different content.

To add one of those, or to change the order, go to data/carousel and add another TOML file. The order is determined by the weight.