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Little package to map hosts to a variety of http routers for Go API services
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hostrouter is a small Go pkg to let you route traffic to different http handlers or routers based on the request host. This is useful to mount multiple routers on a single server.

Basic usage example

func main() {
  r := chi.NewRouter()


  hr := hostrouter.New()

  // Requests to
  hr.Map("", apiRouter()) // default
  hr.Map("", apiRouter())

  // Requests to
  hr.Map("", shortUrlRouter())

  // Requests to host that isn't defined above
  hr.Map("*", everythingElseRouter())

  // Mount the host router
  r.Mount("/", hr)

  http.ListenAndServe(":3333", r)

// Router for the API service
func apiRouter() chi.Router {
  r := chi.NewRouter()
  r.Get("/", apiIndexHandler)
  // ...
  return r

// Router for the Short URL service
func shortUrlRouter() chi.Router {
  r := chi.NewRouter()
  r.Get("/", shortIndexHandler)
  // ...
  return r
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