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* updated dependencies to go-openapi packages

Signed-off-by: Frederic BIDON <>

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Validation helpers

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This package provides helpers to validate Swagger 2.0. specification (aka OpenAPI 2.0).

Reference can be found here:

What's inside?

  • A validator for Swagger specifications
  • A validator for JSON schemas draft4
  • Helper functions to validate individual values (used by code generated by go-swagger).
    • Required, RequiredNumber, RequiredString
    • ReadOnly
    • UniqueItems, MaxItems, MinItems
    • Enum, EnumCase
    • Pattern, MinLength, MaxLength
    • Minimum, Maximum, MultipleOf
    • FormatOf



  • Does this library support OpenAPI 3?

No. This package currently only supports OpenAPI 2.0 (aka Swagger 2.0). There is no plan to make it evolve toward supporting OpenAPI 3.x. This discussion thread relates the full story.

An early attempt to support Swagger 3 may be found at: