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Go Developer Network (GDN)

To better support Go user groups worldwide, GoBridge and Google have joined forces to create a new program called the Go Developer Network (GDN). The GDN is a collection of Go user groups working together with a shared mission to empower developer communities with the knowledge, experience, and wisdom to build the next generation of software in Go. This network creates a single place for people to search for local user groups, events, and see what other Gophers are doing around the world.

Submit a Request

If you are a member or an organizer of a Go meetup group within the GDN looking for assistance, please feel free to open a New Issue. Issues are publicly visible. To reach out privately, please send GoBridge an email at

How to Join

If you currently run a Go developer group on or you want to start a new Go developer group on, please send GoBridge an email at If you are a Go developer looking for a meetup to join, find a meetup near you on the GDN map.

Refer to GDN membership requirements for joining the GDN.


Who is GoBridge (GB) and what is their role in the Go community?

In July of 2015, GoBridge was formed with the mission to increase diversity in the Go community by teaching workshops in different cities around the world. The goal was to provide safe and homogeneous training spaces that would be welcoming to people who were not comfortable attending existing opportunities. With training established, GoBridge looked beyond its original mission to see what else it could do to help increase diversity in the Go community.

What is the role of GB in the Go Developer Network (GDN)?

GB is acting as the current custodians and stewards of the GDN. This means the payment, administration and management of the systems, communications and community interactions directly related to the GDN will be handled by GB directly.

How does someone get involved in volunteering with the GDN?

The volunteers are a combination of members of the GB leadership team and active Go community organizers within the GDN with Van Riper as the program director. If you are interested in being involved in GB, please email We will happily discuss the programs that need help and work with you to find opportunities to be involved.

What are the GDN membership requirements for meetups?

  • Your Meetup must adhere to the Go or GB CoC
  • Your Meetup must primarily focus on topics of relevance to Go developers
  • Your Meetup must hold recurring in-person meetings once per month or least twice every 3 months
  • If virtual, Your Meetup must hold recurring meetings once per month.

The GDN has an inherent monetary and volunteer cost. To that end, meetups must meet these requirements to be added to the GDN. Meetups in the GDN that no longer meet these requirements are subject to be removed from the GDN.

What is the process by which groups are removed from the GDN?

  • Groups are reviewed quarterly to validate their activity and events.
  • Groups will be contacted if it appears the group is not making an effort to be active.
  • GB will do its very best to help groups that are struggling and need the extra support.
  • Meetup organizers of existing groups may be called in to provide help and assistance.
  • Groups that are unable to sustain a membership and activity will be considered for removal.
  • Removal will not occur without discussions with organizers.

Do organizers lose their autonomy when joining the GDN?

Absolutely not. Joining your Meetup into the GDN just means you become a part of this global network of user groups. By joining, you have direct access to GB volunteers who are helping to administer and support the network. Not every organizer needs the same support, but GB is here to help in any way they can to support the meetup and their local participants.

What support can a user group expect to receive when joining the GDN?

GB is here to help with things like:

  • Handling CoC violations.
  • Having Meetup fees covered.
  • Better access to GB grants for educational events.
  • Support in finding speakers both locally and remote.
  • Special access to swag.

Can I remove my user group from the GDN?

Yes. If you decide you no longer want to be a part of the GDN, just send an email to and let us know.

Is the GB CoC different from the Go CoC?

GB uses the Go CoC as its base document and added three addendums. These addendums were put in place to clarify how the CoC is moderated. We also added the names of those volunteers who are helping to moderate our spaces. We believe the GB CoC is more of a clarifying document and will provide better CoC support for your meetup. That being said, it’s not a requirement to use.

Contact Us If you have any other questions or concerns regarding the GDN not already addressed here, please send an email to


For GDN content to help organizers and the community







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