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ws examples


Example applications written in Go with inside.


  • Chat
  • Chat CLI
  • Twitter hashtag watcher



Currently these commands are developed:

  • bin/chat the chat application, which is listening raw tcp socket and handles [jsonrpc]-like messages.
  • bin/proxy proxy that used for two purposes. First of all, to serve static files for chat ui. Second and technical one is to proxy /ws requests to running chat app. This is done only for running on heroku, where only one port is able to be exported.


All commands can be built by make * or by just make.

The directory structure is convinient for gb vendoring tool. But instead of using gb git submodules are used to vendor dependencies. Thus, make vendor will update existing submodules.

Also, gb directory structure is here to signal the heroku buildpack to use appropriate build logic.

Chat application deployed here.