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React Component to integrate devices in your application
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A React Component to embed the uploaded applications in your application.


The package is released in the public npm registry and can be installed by running:

npm install --save appetizer-component

Part of the Appetizer suite

This module is part of a larger suite of components that work excellent with each other. If you liked this module we highly suggest checking out:

  • appetizer A Node.js component for interacting with the API.
  • appetizer-bundle Prepares and packs your React-Native application for uploading to
  • appetizer-component A React Component to embed your uploaded application.


import Appetizer from 'appetizer-component';
import React, { Component } from 'react';

export default class Example extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
      <Appetizer public='public-device-id' color='white' device='iphone5s' />

The following properties are supported:

  • public (string): The public device id that is returned from the API
  • device (string): The device it should run on can be one of:
    • iphone4s
    • iphone5s
    • iphone6
    • iphone6plus
    • ipadair
    • iphone6s
    • iphone6splus
    • ipadair2
    • nexus5
    • nexus7
    • nexus9
  • autoplay (boolean): When true, start streaming app on page load.
  • version (string): The operating system version on which to run your app, e.g. 7.0, 6.0
  • scale (number): Values between 10 and 100.
  • orientation (string): Either portrait or landscape.
  • color (string): Either black or white.
  • screen (boolean): When true, only show the screen, i.e. no device frame.
  • xdoc (boolean): When true, enables cross-document messages.
  • language (string): ISO 639-1 language code
  • locale (string): Locale ID, i.e. en_GB, fr_FR (iOS only)
  • location (string): latitude,longitude, i.e. 39.903924,116.391432
  • link (string): specify a deep link to open when your app is launched
  • proxy (string): specify a proxy server to route network traffic. e.g. "". For's intercepting proxy, use proxy=intercept.
  • apk (boolean): Allow installation of additional APKs after app launch.
  • adb (boolean): On session start, generate an SSH tunnel to allow ADB connections to the emulator.
  • params (object): This data will be passed to your app on launch.

Any other supplied property will be passed to the generated <iframe> object so you can set properties such as frameBorder='0' and scrolling='no'on the resulting <iframe>.



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