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Bible databases as XML, JSON, SQL & SQLITE3 Database format for various languages. Developers can download it freely for their development works. Freely received, freely give.
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Bible Database

This database files are released to help developers in easily developing Bible applications, Developers also requested to raise patches for any fixes found in the database files.


This branch contains sql files, sqlite database XML and JSON database for Bible in these languages currently:

  1. English
  2. Malayalam
  3. Hindi
  4. Telugu
  5. Tamil
  6. Kannada
  7. Oriya
  8. Gujarati
  9. Bengali
  10. Punjabi
  11. Zulu
  12. Indonesian
  13. Xhosa
  14. Afrikaans
  15. Sepedi
  16. Nepali

SQL Database

SQL Database is having fields Book, Chapter, Versecount which are of type INT and verse field which is VARCHAR. The Book field starts from 0 and Chapter & Versecount from 1. Below is a sample SQL query for fetching John 3:16

Select Book,Chapter,Versecount,verse from bible where Book=42 and Chapter=3 and Versecount=16;

XML Database

XML Database is having fields Book, Chapter, Verse which are to having keys called 'id'. The Book id starts from 0 and Chapter & Verse from 1.

JSON Database

JSON Database have fields Verse & Verseid. Verseid field is a unique id which is a comibination of Book + Chapter + Verse. First two digits represents Book(0 - 65), Second three digits represent Chapter and last three digits represent Verse. For JSON Database, Book, Chapter and Verse starts from 0. Below is a sample PHP code for fetching John 3:16;

>>> <?php
>>> $filecontent = file_get_contents("bible.json");
>>> $books = json_decode($filecontent);
>>> echo $books->Book[42]->Chapter[2]->Verse[15]->Verse;
>>> ?>

Javascript Example

>>> var bible;
>>> function readJsonFile() {
>>>     var rawFile = new XMLHttpRequest();
>>>     rawFile.overrideMimeType("application/json");
>>>     rawFile.onreadystatechange = function() {
>>>         if (rawFile.readyState === 4 && rawFile.status == "200") {
>>>             bible = JSON.parse(rawFile.responseText);
>>>         }
>>>     };
>>>"GET", "bible.json", true);
>>>     rawFile.send();
>>> }
>>> function queryverse(book, chapter, verse)
>>> {
>>>    return bible.Book[book - 1].Chapter[chapter - 1].Verse[verse - 1].Verse;
>>> }

Users can clone this repo by typing :

git clone

Help, bugs, feedback

  1. Users can mail their queries, feedback and suggestions at
  2. Developers/Contributor can raise issues at issues or by mail
  3. Pull requests are most welcome, Please fix if any bugs found and push the patches.


The databases are created by extracting data from Wordproject®


GNU GPL Version 3, 29 June 2007.

Please refer this link for detailed description.

All rights belong to Godly T.Alias.

Copyright © 2015

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